An Unintended Consequence Associated With the Use of an Electronic Health System Occurs When:?

When a physician makes an order on a patient who was wrongly picked from a drop-down list from the physician’s personal patient list, an unanticipated consequence of using an electronic health system happens.

Similarly, What are the consequences of electronic health records?

Increased medical mistakes, bad emotions, changes in power structures, and overdependence on technology are all possible unintended outcomes of EHRs. 11.05.2011

What is the most common challenge facing healthcare systems around the world that influences the practice of health informatics quizlet?

Patients misunderstand their own data, make bad health choices, and data privacy and legal hazards are the three main mHealth adoption problems.

What are some unintended adverse consequences related to Ehrs?

– 1 At the point of care, complete clinical information is unavailable. – 2 Frustrating User Experiences Due to a Lack of Innovations to Improve System Usability – 3 Large Amounts of Patient-specific Information Are Inadvertently Disclosed.

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Which is an example of Apomediation?

Which of the following is an example of apomediation? Patients are directed to high-quality information on the internet by healthcare practitioners. In the future, social media in healthcare will most likely be: extensively utilized, but with pockets of non-users, such as people without Internet access or who choose to remain anonymous.

What are the disadvantages of electronic medical records quizlet?

What are the drawbacks of electronic health records (EHRs)? Hardware, software, and training are expensive in terms of both time and money; backup systems and templates are used to restrict the amount of information that may be entered into the record. Staff eager to use, compensated training, and technical support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is a electronic health record system?

Electronic Health Record (EHR): an electronic version of a patient’s medical history that is maintained by the provider over time and can include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that person’s care under a specific provider, such as demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, and vital13.02.2020

Which is one disadvantage of an electronic health record her )?

Despite these advantages, studies in the literature point to EHR disadvantages, such as high upfront acquisition costs, continuing maintenance expenses, and workflow interruptions that lead to temporary productivity losses as a consequence of learning a new system. 11.05.2011

What are examples of unintended consequences?

Unintended consequences are those that occur as a result of an activity that are not anticipated. – Individuals’ ability to act and engage freely. – One example of unexpected effects resulting from legislation is seat belt requirements. – other activities) and will adapt their behavior in response to changing restrictions.

What are the risks to patients as a result of having technology be so integral to their health care?

Risks and difficulties While AI has a lot of potential advantages, it also has a number of drawbacks: Accidents and human mistake. The most apparent concern is that AI systems may sometimes be incorrect, resulting in patient damage or other health-care issues. 14.11.2019

What is the primary reason to back up data entered into electronic health records?

What is the key purpose for backing up electronic health records data? The EHR system can be retrieved with correct data in the case of a system breakdown.

What is a critical regulatory issue associated with the use of social media in healthcare education?

What is a major regulatory concern about using social media in healthcare education and services? A team of doctors, nurses, IT, legal, and community representatives should design social media rules that cover information sharing, professional ethics, and acceptable usage.

How has the meaningful use of EHRs affected delivery of care quizlet?

By improving workflow and avoiding medical mistakes, meaningful usage of EHRs contributes to quality improvement. Correct. The capacity of an EHR system to increase efficiency and safety in healthcare settings allows nurses to improve care delivery.

What are the challenges of EHR implementation?

Technical aptitude. – The price of use. – The individuals. – Disruption of the workflow. – The education. – Concerns about privacy.

Why have EHR systems not been widely adopted in the United States?

Old habits seem to be one of the most significant hurdles to EHR adoption. People are used to filling out paper forms and entering data into structured data input panels. As a result, when a system asks that they do away with such items as much as feasible, it is met with opposition. According to Shah, data entry isn’t the place to be.

Which activity or intervention is the least helpful to the success of an EHR implementation?

Which action or intervention is the least beneficial to an EHR implementation’s success? Choose a Monday for the go-live date so that everyone is ready for the new workweek. Why is the Patient Safety and Quality Research Design (PSQRD) a helpful research and practice framework?

What are the main types of PHRs quizlet?

Tethered, untethered, stand-alone, and networked PHRs are the most common. The remaining options are words that are related to PHRs but are not universal types.

Which factor has influenced the Epatient movement?

Internet access to health information and health-related services, as well as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Meaningful Use standards, are driving reasons behind the birth of the epatient movement.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using electronic medical records?

1 Ease of use and efficiency – Storage costs and demands are lower. – It’s simple to organize and reference. – Patient Access Made Simple – Increased safety. – Order Initiation is faster. – Concerns about cyber-security – Updates are required on a regular basis.

What are the advantages of electronic health records quizlet?

It decreased the risk of medical errors by keeping prescriptions, allergies, and other information organized. – Saved money by avoiding redundant text. – easier to read than a handwritten document – A password is required for increased security. – a reduction in storage space – Data may be accessed from a variety of places.

What are the advantages of an electronic health record EHR quizlet?

In certain offices, an EMR system may offer a safe and easy-to-access method of communication between doctors and employees, as well as between physicians and patients. Patients may access their medical data and make appointments using certain EMR solutions.

What is the difference between electronic medical record and electronic health record?

When you consider the terms “medical” and “health,” it’s simple to recall the difference between EMRs and EHRs. An EMR provides a more limited perspective of a patient’s medical history, while an EHR provides a more complete picture of the patient’s overall health. 15.02.2017

How is electronic medical records used in healthcare?

EHRs are important components of health IT because they may store information such as a patient’s medical history, diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment plans, vaccination dates, allergies, radiological pictures, and laboratory and test results. Allow clinicians access to evidence-based tools for making choices regarding a patient’s treatment. 10.09.2019


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