African Americans Were Generally Immune to What Health Problem That Did Affect Europeans?

You might also be thinking, What punishments did slaves who worked tobacco fields face if their work was not up to standards quizlet?

What were the consequences for slaves who worked in tobacco fields if their job was not up to par? Whipping, eating worms left on tobacco leaves, and inhaling tobacco smoke are all punishments.

But then this question also arises, What was one change across a few southern states that did affect slaves chances for freedom?

What happened in a few southern states that affected slaves’ prospects of gaining freedom? Manumission regulations have been liberalized.

Which historian argued in the 1910s that slavery was a generally benign institution in which slaveholders cared for happy slaves?

In the 1910s, whose historian maintained that slavery was a largely benign system in which slaveholders looked after happy slaves? According to Stanley Elkins, the notion of a concentration camp acts as a metaphor for the system of slavery.

Why did blacks choose to support the British over the American colonists during the revolution quizlet?

They reasoned that arming blacks would incite slave revolts throughout the south. During the Revolution, why did blacks opt to assist the British against the American colonists? Blacks disliked the Americans for refusing to let them enroll and thereby perpetuating slavery.

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What were some of the problems the antislavery movement encountered in its early efforts?

What were some of the early issues that the antislavery movement had to deal with? Whites refused to admit blacks join the groups on an equal footing. What was the American Anti-Slavery Society’s (AASS) mission? What was the outcome of the Gag Rule debate in Congress?

How were the lives of free African Americans similar to those of enslaved African Americans in the 1700?

Answer. They were similar in that they were both marginalized by society and did not have the same opportunities as white people. Slaves were tortured and forced to labor all day, even on the warmest days, by whites in the 1700s. 09.12.2018

What was one problem unique to free African Americans in the 1700s?

In the 1700s, what was an issue that free African Americans had to deal with? It’s possible that they’ll be abducted and sold into slavery.

How would you describe the free black situation in the Southern states?

Slave-free blacks in the South continued to live in the shadow of slavery, unable to travel or gather as freely as their Northern counterparts. Churches, schools, and fraternal groups like the Masons were also more difficult to form and maintain.

How did African American citizens take advantage of their newly granted political rights and what affect did they have on American politics?

What impact did African-American citizens have on American politics as a result of their newly obtained political rights? In the South, some AA became school superintendents, sheriffs, mayors, coroners, police chiefs, state assembly members, and lieutenant governors.

What were the most important changes in the lives of African Americans in the years immediately following the war?

What were the most significant changes in African Americans’ life in the years after the war? As a result of the formation of black churches, boldness and inspiration grew. It is now lawful to marry. Government-funded (segregated) schools were an option for children.

In what ways did African Americans shape the course and consequences of the Civil War?

The abolition of slavery, the development of black rights, industrialization, and new inventions were some of the long-term repercussions of the Civil War. Plantations and farms were not important in the Northern states; instead, industry was important. 03.12.2021

What crop did most agricultural slaves tend?

Commercial crops such as olives, grapes, sugar, cotton, tobacco, coffee, and certain types of rice were most popular among slave owners because they required a lot of labor to plant, a lot of attention throughout the growing season, and a lot of harvesting.

What was the role of punishment in slavery quizlet?

As a form of punishment, slaves were forced to labour for long periods of time. After they completed their lengthy hours of nonstop labor, they were stripped nude and flogged 50-100 times by members of their families.

Which of the following statements accurately describe the spread of disease in the Deep South’s agricultural areas?

Which of the following statements best reflects the spread of illness in the agricultural regions of the deep South? The spread of illness was linked to land clearance, and outbreaks of malaria, yellow fever, and cholera occurred. On the biggest plantations, which two crops were harvested?

How did some African Americans aid the British during the American Revolution quizlet?

Slave fugitives battled with patriots. Without participating in the military, how did some African Americans help the patriot cause the revolution? The presence of British troops in the colonies was opposed by black patriots.

What did African Americans do in Revolutionary War?

A spy, a poet, a guerilla warrior, and foot troops who fought on both sides of the conflict are among them. A spy, a poet, a guerilla warrior, and foot troops who fought on both sides of the conflict are among them. Thousands of Black Americans fought on both sides of the struggle during the American Revolution. 11.02.2020

How did slaves fight for freedom?

African Americans fought for their freedom throughout the colonial and revolutionary periods by fighting in the military, in addition to submitting freedom petitions and producing pamphlets arguing for the abolition of slavery.

How did African slaves contribute to the development of the Americas?

Explanation: Slaves were brought to the Americas to labor in the agricultural industry. They worked in cotton fields, tobacco plantations, and indigo plantations, among other things. Slavery was the most profitable industry in the South and several colonies, despite the fact that most whites did not own slaves (Cuba, Haiti, etc). 01.06.2017

How did literature aid the anti slavery movement?

What role did literature play in the abolitionist movement? Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a novel about injustice and cruelty, brought this to light. What role did slavery play in the development of sectionalism? Certain interests were prioritized above the interests of a nation.

What was life like for African Americans during the colonial period?

African prisoners experienced difficult circumstances in colonial America, working long hours, living in filthy surroundings, and being abused by their masters. Husbands and wives were often sold to different owners than their children, causing families to be split apart. 21.04.2020

What did slaves do after they were freed?

Former owners provide wages to freed people. Some liberated slaves promptly left their masters’ area, while others went to work as wage workers for their former owners. Most crucially, African Americans were given the freedom to choose where they worked and what sort of employment they did.

What was a problem that free African Americans faced in the 1700s Brainly?

They couldn’t go anywhere they wanted. It’s possible that they’ll be abducted and sold into slavery. They were unable to pick where they would labor. They were not permitted to go to school. 14.04.2021

How were slaves freed in colonial America?

Manumission, or the master’s voluntary release of a slave, was another means to become free. Slaves were sometimes freed by their masters. Maybe it was a token of appreciation for good acts or hard labor. It was often the result of a guilty conscience, since owners would sometimes release their slaves in their wills.

What caused an increase in the use of enslaved labor *?

Slavery became the backbone of the British colonies as the rapid growth of large-scale plantations and single-crop agriculture in the Deep South considerably boosted demand for slave labor.


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