A Nurse Is Planning Health Promotion Activities for the Local Community Which of the Following?

Similarly, Which of the following best explains the statement community health nursing is a community based practice?

CHN (Community Health Nursing) is a practice that is rooted in the community. Which of the following best describes this statement? Community-based practice is delivering care to individuals in their natural settings, such as their homes, schools, and workplaces. Which of the following steps is required for population-focused nursing practice?

But then this question also arises, Which is the main focus of community health nursing quizlet?

Community health nursing is a branch of nursing that focuses on the care of people, families, and groups living in a community. Its primary goal is to enhance a population’s quality of life and health by conserving, safeguarding, promoting, or sustaining good health.

What is the main focus of community health nursing?

The main purpose of community health nursing is to assist a community in protecting and preserving its members’ health, with a secondary goal of encouraging people and families to practice self-care.

How does community health nursing define community?

Families and groups of people choose steps to guarantee their safety and well-being. What does community health nursing mean when it says “community”? A group of people who have a same identity and live in the same environment.

Which of the following is the mission of the Department of health?

The purpose of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to improve the health and well-being of all Americans by delivering effective health and human services and supporting sound, long-term breakthroughs in medicine, public health, and social services.

What is the purpose of block and parish nursing?

Block and parish nursing services seek to improve worker productivity, reduce absenteeism, and reduce the demand of costly medical care. Block and parish nursing cares for customers who are elderly or unable to leave their homes.

Which of the following best describes health promotion?

Any combination of health education and associated support for healthy habits is referred to as health promotion. Because no particular illness is prevented, it is neither specific protection or disease prevention.

Which of the following best describes community health nursing?

Community health nursing is best described by which of the following? Community health nursing, by definition, is the care of individual clients in the community.

Which topic is most important for the nurse to teach in a community health promotion class of middle aged adults?

In a community health promotion class for middle-aged persons, which issue is most essential for the nurse to teach? Smoking is a substantial risk factor for cardiovascular disease and hypertension, two major health issues that plague middle-aged individuals.

What is the role of the community health nurse in community needs assessment?

Community health nursing may play a key role in completing community needs assessments, which give crucial information for programming, planning, and evaluation.

How do state and local health departments promote healthy communities?

Health departments explore and exploit possibilities with other health programs in their state or territory that treat chronic illnesses or associated risk factors to strengthen local community activities and optimize public health effect.

What is health promotion nursing?

Patients are taught how to improve their health by incorporating basic routines into their everyday lives. You can assist your patients live their best, healthiest lives by using three fundamental techniques and five promotion action areas. 07.02.2020

What is community based health promotion?

Community-based programs use a variety of interventions to effect change in people, communities, and organizations, and they often include policy and environmental change techniques. 82 The following are important components of community-based health promotion programs: empowering communities to take action

How do nurses promote health and wellness?

Nurses may assist patients access preventive care like as counseling, tests, and prophylactic procedures or drugs by encouraging and educating them about living a healthy lifestyle.

What are the roles and responsibility of a community health nurse?

What Is a Community Health Nurse’s Role? The main responsibility of community health nurses is to treat patients. Furthermore, community health nurses educate community members on how to maintain their health in order to reduce the incidence of illnesses and fatalities. 20.09.2017

Which is an example of the public school nurse’s health care provider functions quizlet?

Which of the following is an example of a school nurse’s health-care provider role? Rationale: During a measles outbreak, doing random classroom inspections. The examination of pupils/students and instructors for symptoms of a community-wide health concern is known as random classroom inspection.

Which of the following are the goals of community health?

Answer: (B) To improve people’s, families’, and communities’ ability to manage with their health requirements. Contribute to national development through promoting family well-being, with a special emphasis on mothers and children.

Which of the following activities would be considered to be an example of primary prevention?

Primary prevention refers to steps taken before the initiation of a sickness or injury in order to prevent the disease process from starting. Immunization and regular exercise are two examples.


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The “a nurse at a local health department is caring for a client who is newly diagnosed with listeriosis” is an example of health promotion activities that the nurse is planning.

  • a public health nurse is working in a community that has a population of 24, 096
  • a community health nurse is planning to develop a community health program
  • a school nurse is serving on a community disaster planning
  • a community health nurse is conducting a needs assessment of a community
  • a nurse in a rural community is planning education
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