13 Reasons Why Mental Health Awareness?

You might also be thinking, What mental illness is in 13 Reasons Why?

Hannah’s death was caused by a serious mental disease, whether it was depression, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, or anxiety, according to this series. In actuality, Hannah’s death was caused by a severe mental illness, whether it was depression, bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, or anxiety.

Similarly, What mental illness does Justin Foley have?

How Depression Can Cause Substance Abuse and Addiction Former basketball player Justin Foley develops a heroin addiction as a consequence of his sadness brought on seeing the videos, as part of new character development. Clay spends the whole of season two attempting to clean up Justin so he can testify in court. 09.07.2018

But then this question also arises, What mental illnesses does Hannah Baker have?

Hannah is depressed and suffering from PTSD; she may possibly be suffering from antisocial personality disorder or borderline personality disorder.

What mental illness does Clay Jensen have?

Despite these distressing times, Clay is never formally labeled with a mental condition, something that experts criticized last year when Hannah’s death was shown. 14.05.2018

What do you think about 13 Reasons Why?

“The program addresses a number of critical problems, including rape culture, bullying, adolescent impulsivity, and, of course, despair and suicide.” My greatest fear about the show is that viewers who have no previous experience of suicide or despair may completely misinterpret the message. 17.05.2017

Related Questions and Answers

Why 13 Reasons Why is not good?

Despite the fact that 13 Reasons Why is classed TV-MA (unsuitable for people under 17) in the United States and 18 in the United Kingdom, the series attracted a large number of susceptible eyes, i.e. minors. Sexual assault is one of the series’ major themes, yet the authors often fail to convey the correct message. 09.06.2020

What did Sheri do to Hannah?

Sheri is a Liberty High School junior. She was a Liberty Tigers cheerleader in the past. She is the topic of “Tape 5, Side B,” in which she is accused of leaving Hannah after crashing her vehicle into a stop sign, causing the death of another student, Jeff Atkins, according to Hannah and Sheri.

Do the Jensens adopt Justin?

When Clay Jensen’s parents agreed to take Justin Foley in for good in 13 Reasons Why Season 2, he gained a pseudo-brother. That’s why Justin now lives with Clay and the Jensens on 13 Reasons Why. 22.08.2019

What did Clay do to Hannah?

Clay began to imagine Hannah Baker, a classmate whom he had a crush on, after she died. Clay began to hallucinate Hannah around the corridors and classrooms of Liberty High School, which both Clay and Hannah attended. In the hallways, he first saw a phantasm of Hannah staring at him.

Why does Clay not remember 13 Reasons Why?

Although Ellman does not mention it, it seems that Clay suffers from psychogenic amnesia, which is the inability to remember personally relevant memories. All of the personal stress and grief he’s experienced over the seasons is likely to have sparked his illness. 09.06.2020

Is Clay a schizophrenic?

Clay Shows Symptoms Of Schizophrenia Throughout The Year. Schizophrenia is defined as a breakdown in the relationships between thinking, emotion, and behavior, which results in erroneous perceptions and inappropriate behaviors and emotions. 28.09.2019

Is Clay crazy in 13 Reasons Why?

Clay undergoes a complete mental collapse by the fourth and final season as a consequence of a number of worrisome things. He not only has vivid dreams about the now-deceased Bryce and Monty, but he also has hallucinations about them throughout the day. 09.06.2020

Is 13 Reasons Why suitable for a 13 year old?

This grade denotes that a program is not appropriate for children under the age of 17. According to Common Sense Media, the video depicts bullying, rape, sexual assault, and suicide in a disturbing manner.

What age limit is 13 Reasons Why?

The majority of the episodes have a 15 age rating from the BBFC, indicating that they are not appropriate for audiences under the age of 15. Four episodes, on the other hand, were rated 18 and higher.

Which is the best 13 Reasons Why season?

#1: The First Season 13 Reasons Why was at its finest, in my opinion, when there had source material to work with. The relationship between Dylan Minnette (Clay) and Katherine Langford (Hannah) was also extremely strong and realistic, adding to the tragedy of what transpired. 02.09.2020

Is 13 Reasons worth watching?

However, we urge that all youth, even those who are not dealing with mental health or emotional concerns, avoid the series. It’s just not worth the emotional harm that these graphic depictions of violence, rape, bullying, and suicide might do to naïve teenagers.

Why did 13 Reasons Why stop Netflix?

The program will conclude because it has achieved the logical conclusion of its narrative arc, according to Netflix. Season four will “highlight the main cast’s graduation from high school,” which will be a “logical finale to the program,” according to the press release. 01.06.2020

Did Sheri go to jail in 13 Reasons Why?

She reprises Tony’s (Christian Navarro) role from the first season, assisting Clay (Dylan Minette) and Justin (Brandon Flynn) through their own trials. This is due to the fact that Sheri was sent to juvenile detention in the interim between seasons 1 and 2. 31.05.2018

Who does Clay end up with?

Clay gets admitted into Brown University when his then-girlfriend Amorowat Anysia “Ani” Achola (Grace Saif) discreetly revises and submits his essay, despite the fact that he didn’t think he’d get in. They split up but remain friends at the conclusion of the season. 11.06.2020

Are Justin and Clay friends?

Justin and Clay are the best. They also don’t get angry with each other since they understand that everything the other does is ALWAYS in their best interests. This is pure friendship, that we could all benefit from and only want to have a friend as nice as these two are to one other. It’s all about #friendshipgoals. 15.10.2019

Are Justin Foley tattoos real?

Justin Foley is the protagonist. On the episode, the struggling athlete was one of the first to unveil his true tattoos. You may remember the first time Foley removed his shirt following a play-fight with Zach Dempsey to display a phony breast tat. 26.08.2019


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13 Reasons Why, a popular Netflix show, has been heavily criticized for romanticizing mental illness. The show’s creator, Brian Yorkey, responded to the criticism by saying that he wanted to “humanize” mental illness and not make it seem like something that is “super scary.” Reference: how does 13 reasons why romanticize mental illness.

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